SF Green Method Association

As a pioneer of afforestation...





Since our technical team of SF Green Method Association developed the first seed belt in Japan in 1953, we have pursued the afforestation which recovers the natural reproduction power.

In 1983, we developed a new technology of spraying method which creates aggregated soil base, and we began to spread SF Green Method, which is the basic method of SF Afforestation system. In 1988, we developed TG Green Method which reinforces an aggregated soil base with long fibers. We have spread afforestation since then.

SF Afforestation system has been constructed by SF Green Method Association members at all prefectures in Japan. About 2000ha, about 20,000 places have already been revegetated in Japan. We aim at revegetation which helps natural recovery as a pioneer of afforestation and system construction from now on.

We shall continue to be a front-ruuner.



We have self-confidence of having developed the industry of revegetation with the original technology born by years of study.

First, it is the development of aggregated soil base technology and the spread of afforestation. Secondly, it is expansion of a new market. We changed over--- from a grass planting method to a hydro-seeding method, from grass to tree and from artificial slope with mortar to natural slope with trees. Thirdly, it is the systematization of revegetation and the improvement in the safety of construction.

We obtained an authorization by the public organization, and a high evaluation from academic circles.

  昭和40年4月 特許庁長官賞
  昭和40年10月 科学技術庁長官賞
  昭和40年10月 財団法人発明協会会長賞
  昭和41年4月 全国発明表彰 発明賞
  平成2年5月 土木学会賞(技術開発賞)
  平成4年5月 土木系材料、技術審査証明(TG緑化工法)
  平成8年6月 建設大臣技術評価(SF緑化工法・TG緑化工法)
  平成10年12月 建設省 新技術活用促進システム(NETIS:ネティス)へ評価・登録

The seeds which you planted will become woods and become a natural scenery of Japan.



Independent management of the association is carried out in all prefectures. The top general constructors of each prefecture are members, who knew all the nature of a hometown. They are coping with both the protection of nature and economic development.

Our wish is that all afforestation in a hometown will be realized by the people of a hometown.

Only our method can revive the natural scenery of Japan.





While development of industry continues, the same area of tropical rain forests as a half area of Japan have disappeared from the ground every year. Our power seems to be too small to cut the huge chain reaction from which "loss of green nature" is the cause and which includes expansion of advance of the global warming by increase of carbon dioxide, desertification, abnormal weather, and an ozone hole etc.

But we have the technology polished up as "those who cherish green nature." We are going to convey this precious technology born in Japan to people of the earth, and make it root in each area.

Our method is not a big but a firm step to restore natural forests, we believe.

We have already begun to do from what we can do for our precious hometown called.